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Moreish flavor from rice spaghetti cooked with grilled chopped fish

October 25, 2012          799 views

Along the long coast of the Central part, there are many kinds of fish that the natives use to make delicious grilled chopped fish, then use it to cook with rice spaghetti to create a typical dish for this land.

Grilled chopped fish of the Central part is famous since it is made from very fresh fishes, without using any kinds of embalming or preserving. Since there are various kinds of fish, there are also many kinds of grilled chopped fish. All of them are fragrant, soft, sweet, moreish and very nourish.

The combination between grilled chopped fish and rice spaghetti creates such a delicious dish that no one can forget if tasted once. A hot bowl of rice spaghetti, yellow
grilled chopped fish, small slices of green onion and some chunks of spring onion bulb with a little pepper on the surface just makes us feel irresistible.

The most important factor of the dish is the bouillon. For this dish, the bouillon is different since it is not cooked from pig’s bone as normal but completely from fish’s bone. That is why it has a very special sweet taste.

We use the bone of the fish to cook the bouillon and use the meat to make grilled chopped fish. Grind their bone and use it to cook the bouillon, add some spices to make it pleasant to taste.

With grilled chopped fish, we can either fry or steam. The fried grilled fish is very fragrant while the steamed one tastes very sweet, but both are delicious and easy to eat.

Making the grilled chopped fish needs a lot of effort since we have to be patient and clever to separate the meat of the fish from its bone. Embalm the grilled fish with onion, garlic, pepper and spices and then twine it until the mixture become well – kneaded.

After that, we roll the grilled fish into sphere shape. If we choose to fry, we have to make sure that the fish ball would be submerged by oil. And if you want to steam the grilled fish, we need to add the egg yolk so that the fish ball would be yellow, which makes it more delicious.

A bowl of rice spaghetti cooked with grilled chopped fish looks so attractive with the white of the rice, the yellow of the fish ball and the green of the onion. Not only that, the dish also has a special fragrance and a tasty flavor, and that makes us feel so desire.

The dish tastes best when it is still hot. When enjoying, we can add a little lemon juice and fish sauce with chili to make it more moreish.

Rice spaghetti cooked with grilled chopped fish can be used at any time in a day; we can use it as a breakfast, lunch or a light meal in the afternoon. With its special flavor, the dish has brought the customers the tastes of the wind, the sea and the sunshine of the Central part.

Source: SGGP