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Banh nuong, banh deo

December 19, 2007          1061 views

"Banh nuong, banh deo" are a traditional specialty of the Mid Autumn Festival, a children's festival.

Banh nuong represents both the sun and the vital energy of yang. Most people, however, care less about the cake's meaning and more about its taste. With a crust made of sticky rice flour, this cake is stuffed with salty eggs, chicken, Chinese sausage, and lotus seeds.

Banh deo represents the vital energy yin, was traditionally served with banh nuong thap cam. With a round shape, this soft, white cake is said to resemble the sky or the moon. Sticky rice powder is mixed with sugar and wrapped around a filling of lotus seeds, green bean powder and salty eggs. Today, these cakes are molded into various festive shapes, usually animals.

Source: Hanoi administration tourism



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