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"UP with seafood" banquet honoured Vietnamese seafood

July 11, 2014          1312 views

(Cinet)- The 7UP brand of Suntory PepsiCo held the banquet "UP with seafood" to set a Vietnamese and Asian record for the longest seafood banquet of 777m on July 05, 2014.

At the banquet, 7UP and young Vietnamese together set the Vietnamese and Asian record for the longest banquet of seafood, which was up to 777m long.

This summer, the 7UP brand held the banquet "UP with seafood" to give the young a day full of pleasure. The event took place from 2-8pm at the DIC beach in the southern city of Vung Tau. Every summer, the 7UP brand of Suntory PepsiCo offers young people exciting activities.

The banquet "UP with seafood" was also an opportunity for young people to comfortably enjoy a refreshing day on the beach with the new pair: 7UP and Seafood. At the banquet, they not only enjoyed the refreshing summer pair - "7Up and Seafood" but also played funky games.

The celebrities joined 7UP and young people to establish the Vietnamese and Asian record and contribute special performances.

With a participation of MC Tran Thanh, singers Quang Dang and Dong Nhi, boy-band 365 and others, the "UP with seafood" banquet was praised by youth as an exciting event, which displayed e spirit of optimism and the joy of living of Vietnamese youth.

The event is a special occasion for young people to express their love and pride for their country, which is home to beautiful beaches as well as unique and exquisite seafood cuisine.To know more about the record, please visit www.facebook.com/7UPVietnam.fanpage.




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