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Specific features on ethnic traditional clothes

April 25, 2014          4119 views

In the treasure of diversified culture of Vietnamese ethnic minority groups, traditional clothes are cultural symbols contributing to reflecting special features, beauty and costumes in each region.

Some traditional clothes are simple in green colour of mountain. Others are colourful with skillful decorations symbolizing grasses, trees, flowers, leaves, birds and animals. Many of them are made by hand.

The following photos introduced the beauty of traditional clothes of ethnic minority groups.

                           First Mrs World enjoyed in the cultural festival of Vietnamese minority groups

                                                 Clothes for Quan ho folklore art performance 

                                                  Lo Lo ethnic girls in their traditional clothes

                                                    Tay ethnic person in black clothes

                                               Jewellery wearing by a Mong ethnic woman 

                                                                   Dao ethnic clothes

                                                             San Chay ethnic woman

                                              Thai ethnic women are weaving brocades


                           Traditional clothes contribute to preserving and promote traditional values of the nation


Source: CPV