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Vo Viet Chung brings his new Ao dai collection to New York

May 29, 2015          7016 views
(Cinet)- Chung’s new collection of Ao dai with the touch of western style will be shown in a fashion event in New York.
Vietnam famous designer, Vo Viet Chung has recently introduced his Spring-Summer 2015 new collection of Ao dai called New York, I Love You. In this collection, Chung follows the footstep of haute couture, the luxurious and theatrical fashion that allows the designer to express his creativity at the highest level.

New York, I Love You includes 30 items mostly in the color of nude and with the material ranging from lace to chiffon. Chung paid extreme attention to the hand-made embroidery, inspired by the Renaissance’s Baroque.

For the background of the photo-shoot of this collection, New York’s Time Square was chosen with the participating of the beautiful model Angelica Kotliar. Chung has also been invited to show his New York, I Love You in the Gala Fashion TV this September which gathers over 100 fashion designers all over the world. Chung’s collection will be introduced by the Fashion TV’s cast of models.

Vo Viet Chung has recently received praised from Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for his contribution to the development of Vietnam fashion industry.
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