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Vietnamese Ao Dai joins wildlife conservation in New York

May 19, 2015          2640 views
(Cinet) - Designer Thuan Viet will introduce an Ao Dai collection to the wildlife conservation programme themed ‘Big Cat’ at the American Museum of Natural History, in New York, on May 23.
One of  Thuan Viet’s assortments, named “Ngu Ho” (Five Tigers), boasts old-style “ao dai” which would be donned by women in the northern Vietnamese region many years ago.
The loose-fitting outfits highlight folk-themed decorative patterns and stylized images of tigers from Vietnamese folklore.
Thuan Viet will join the prorgamme together with representatives from 7 countries – Bhutan, China, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Mongolia.
The spotlight Asia ‘Big Cat’ is conducted by the New York State Council on the Arts and supported by Governor Andrew Cuomo with the aim of raising public awareness on the image of tiger, lion and panther in Asian culture. The organising board calls on wildlife conservation through cultural and art activities.
Viet’s other assortment, “Sac Hoa Viet” (Vietnamese Colors and Flowers), accentuates modern-time “ao dai” dresses which are intricately embellished with hand-embroidered and crystal flowers.
Some of Thuan Viet's sao dai collection: