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Vietnam Traditional Festivals

November 01, 2007          2694 views

Enjoying Vietnamese festivals is the best way to discover the traditions of the country. These festivals are an expression of a trulytinct culture, accessible and close to all. The following dates are based on the Vietnamese lunar calendar.

The 1st lunar month

• 1st day: Traditional New Year (often falls between late January and early February)

• 4th- 5th day: Lieu Doi Wrestling Festival (Ha Nam province)

• 5th day: Dong Da festival in memory of King Quang Trung who defeated Chinese invaders (Hanoi).
• 6th day: Co Loa festival in memory of King An Duong Vuong who built the oyster-shell-shaped citadel (Dong Anh, Hanoi).

• 13th day: Lim folk song festival (Bac Ninh province)

The 2nd lunar month

• 6th day: Dong Nhan temple festival in memory of two heroines, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi (Hanoi).


• 10th day: Chu Dong Tu temple festival (Hung Yen) in memory of Saint Chu Dong Tu and his two wives, who cured people and developed agriculture.

• 15th day: Perfume pagoda (Chua Huong) Pilgrimage festival; Ba Den festival in Tay Ninh

• 19th day: Quan The Am festival, a Buddhist festival celebrating the birth anniversary of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Danang).

• 2nd lunar month: Hon Chen Temple Festival (Hue) dedicated to Thien Y Ana Thanh Mau

The 3rd lunar month

• 6th day: Tay Phuong pagoda pilgrimage (Ha Tay province).

• 7th day: Thay pagoda pilgrimage (Ha Tay province).

• 18th day: Hung Kings festival in memory of the first kings of Vietnam (Phu Tho).

• 23nd day: Le Mat village festival in Gia Lam (Hanoi).

The 4th lunar month

• 9th day: Giong festival (Gia Lam, Hanoi)

The 7th lunar month


• 1st day: Kate festival, celebrated by the Khmer in Ninh Thuan

• 30th day: Le Van Duyet festival in Ho Chi Minh City

The 8th lunar month


• 15th day: Mid-Autumn festival

• 16th to 20th day: Festival in Kiep Bac in memory of national hero Tran Hung Dao in Hai Duong province.

• 16th to 20th day: Festival held in Con Son in memory of Nguyen Trai, also a national hero (Hai Duong province).

• 20th day: Tran temple festival in memory of the Tran Kings and national hero General Tran Hung Dao (Nam Dinh province).

The 9th lunar month

• 13th day: Keo pagoda pilgrimage in Thai Binh province


The 10th lunar month

• 15th day: Lantern festival celebrated by the Khmer population in the south-west of

Vietnam, in honour of the moon in Soc Trang province


The 11th lunar month


• 28th day: Nguyen Binh Khiem festival, in Haiphong


The 12th lunar month

• 15th day: Ca Ong festival in Khanh Hoa province


• 26th to 27th day: Dau festival in Ha Tay province

Source: Hanoi administration tourism



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