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National Phu Day Festival begins

April 16, 2013          2578 views

(Cinet)- The Phu Day Festival has begun in Vu Ban district of the northern province of Nam Dinh on April 12 to give tourists an insight into this annual event.


This year’s festival features traditional rituals including incense offerings at the main (Tien Huong) temple as well as palanquin and torchlight processions.

Cultural activities and traditional folk games such as lion and dragon dancing, playing underwater and human chess, wrestling and a tug-of-war competition are also to be staged during the six-day festival.

A Chau Van singing competition will also be held at the Van Cat and Tien Huong temple during the festival. Chau Van (spiritual) rites of Nam Dinh province have been recognised as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The Phu Day festival is held annually to commemorate Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh who is one of the four immortals in Vietnamese folklore.

The festival is part of Nam Dinh province’s scheduled events held in response to the National Tourism Year of Red River Delta 2013 programme, which aims to preserve and promote the Vietnamese Mother Goddess worship culture in particular and spiritual cultural values in general.




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