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Experience amazing Diep Son Island and unique road underneath the sea

April 01, 2016          11506 views
Diep Son Island through "phuot" traveler 's eye (Photo: internet)
Diep Son is considered as “golden attraction”, compared with the famous combination of four- “Binh”-islands, namely Binh Ba- Binh Hung- Binh Lap- Binh Tien.

Known as one of the island commune being the most difficult condition in Khanh Hoa province, Diep Son owns 83 households living in the lack of electricity and clean water for locals. Diep Son is also called as Bip Island, including three small isles locating separated in the area of Van Phong Bay. Exploring Diep Son journey starts from Van Gia town with about an hour travel by boat, the charming island appeared little by little through visitors’ eye, entirely distinct from the horizon.
It takes approximately 60 kilometers long from Nha Trang to Van Gia Port, Van Ninh. In there, travelers have two choices going to Diep Son. The first way, guests pick up Phuong Dong boat at Port and it takes them about half hour. Despite of affordable price for one-way-ticket at 20.000 VND per one person, the time schedule is unfixable. In detail, outward trip departs at 9 AM and homeward trip at 5PM. In order to  travelers do not depend on the time, the locals supply the service to transport by junks which are rather smaller than boats and be full of 6 people. Traveling by junks which takes visitors just 15 minutes and available any time, however the travelers have to cost more at 200.000 VND for a bout with 6-people-capacity.
Coming to Diep Son, explorers could contemplate the glamor of desolate beaches with crystal and pure sea water is covered by white sand banks stretching side by side the appealing reed field. In addition, travelers could follow the steps of local fisherman to have a deep look into the sea passing road in the afternoon and play a role as a real fisherman to handle a fishing- rod on going to catch squids and gather to have a delicious meal later. This is the most unforgettable experience for travellers coming to Diep Son.
A trip to conquer one of a kind of road underneath the sea is counted as the most especial thing in the journey exploring Diep Son. This meandering 700 -meter -long road widen about one meter and situates deeply underneath the sea surface about a half meter.
Travelers staying in Diep Son should be paid attention of some following things below
- Keep the island clean due to the freshness of island
- Do not depend on the locals for help with no paid simply because they absolutely enthusiastic but still deficiency.  
- Do not make some noise, bad affected others.
Source: Toquoc



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