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Spring walk in tranquil places (Part 4)

February 26, 2016          14118 views
(Cinet)- The North plays a role of the cradle of Buddhism in Vietnam. The followings are some beautiful and unique temples, the tranquil places for sightseeing tours and exciting new things in early spring.
7. But Thap Pagoda
But Thap Pagoda, also was known as Ninh Phuc Pagoda, located in the But Thap village, To Dinh Commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province. Since wild gooses always perch on top of the tower, this temple also called as Nhan Thap Pagoda. Being considered as an ancient temple owning large scale and typical architecture of Red River Delta, it has previously been preserved intact until now.
Among the figurative statue in But Thap Pagoda, the most famous is the statue of Thousand-eyed Guan Yin, being sculptural masterpiece of Vietnam. The statue is 370-cetimeter in height, 224-centimeter in diameter and is placed in the Upper house.
8. Loi Am  Temple
The temple is situated on a high mountain by the artificial Yen Lap Lake, belonging Dai Yen Ward, Uong Bi Town, Quang Ninh Province. In order to get there, Buddhists have to go through a ferry trip, also counted as a pretty exciting experience.
Recent years, Loi Am Temple has been restored on the basement of ancient pagoda which was damaged through time, weather condition and war. Relics collected from the ancient temple concludes 14 tomb towers built of stone and bricks, two stone porcelain vases, 2.48-meter-height shrines carved in lotus and daisy, 5 stone steles with pattern in the Le- Mac Dynasty.
Buddhists and tourists coming to the pagoda play a role of one of the distinctions of Loi Am Temple from the others, each person of them usually brings a bag containing a couple of red bricks to merit the temple. Such a general rule due to Lei Yin is an ancient temple, gradually deteriorated through many vicissitudes of time. Recently, the temple was restored, but the effort to transport materials up to the high mountain is limited. Therefore, Buddhists taking steps into the Buddha door often carry more or at least a double bricks to express their open-hearted.
Ngoc Anh
Sources of photos: www. goterest.com, www.foody.vn



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