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Crossing the highest waterfall of Tay Nguyen

December 12, 2015          3324 views
(Cinet)- Located in the forest belonging to Dasar commune, Lac Duong suburban district, on the road between Dalat and Nha Trang, Dasar waterfall is the ideal destination for those who want to challenge by adventures and immerse in the grandiose nature.
The waterfall is located in the forest belonging to Dasar commune, Lac Duong suburban district, on the road between Dalat and Nha Trang. The path leading Dasar waterfall is complicated. Those who come here will never forget the beauty as in fairy tale in Dasar, with lakes covered with old trees or the cascade seemed as a sheet of silk soaking to become more pure.

Never been disturbed by humans, the gentle Dasar hidden behind a jungle, being shy as her maid of green forest occasionally flared white skirt, with the rock under the influence of wind and water, separating itself into distinct and floating floors.
The waterfall is over 200 meters of height, pouring from the top of a mountain down to the valley hidden deeply in the forest.
Not been attached with legends and romantic love stories, Dasar waterfall is simply the name by the locals set, based on this place-name. The fall is considered as the God of Tay Nguyen mountains by ethnic minority people with the typical figures, such as naive, gentle in the dry season, but extremely powerful and intense when the rains come.
The path leading to the fall
It took more than 40 minutes by car on the road DT No.23, then continuing to move within 40 minutes by motorcycle or dedicated jeeps, visitors could be take steps in the fall..
Dasar is appreciated as the beautiful waterfall, but it is not easy to see its comprehensive beauty. The path leading to the fall is not for those who are inexperienced drivers, because the winding road hugs hillside and valley under with many deep abysses.
Currently, there have been a number of travel companies exploiting adventure tours in this area, moving primarily by dedicated jeeps. Dasar waterfall is promised to attract the huge amount of Vietnam adventurous tourists as well as the external tourists.
Ngoc Anh
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