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Thai Nguyen Tea Cultural Space

November 28, 2015          3799 views
(Cinet)- The Tea Cultural Space is a tea museum located near Thai Nguyen city. This large museum and cultural space is dedicated to Vietnamese tea and was opened in 2011 after the first annual International Tea Festival was held in the region.
On the route from Thai Nguyen City to Nui Coc Lake tourism area, visitors will travel across the famous tea region, Tan Cuong. In this land, there has a half of plain and a half of mountain with cool climate and fertile soil, which are extremely suitable for development of tea. In an immensely green space of lush tea hills, Cultural space of tea appears as a subtly sketchy line, which has the wealth of artistic values of the peaceful and fertile village painting.
When visiting the site, visitors will realize that this is an unique construction with an open space. Each category of this Cultural space is marked by time and art. In front of it, there has a large area to organize all activities of the festival, promote tourism to attract visitors in studying and enjoying the culture and Tan Cuong’s characteristic tea products.
Gallery is the main item of Cultural space. It was designed with three major architectural spaces for reception, for exhibition and for introduction of tea culture and its products. Gallery is like a small historical museum of Thai Nguyen Tea. In the story of tea, Tea is the main character which is considered as a witness of history, culture, traditional elements of people cultivating, caring, collecting and processing tea.
After Cultural space of tea was completed, People’s Committee and Service of Culture, Sports and Tourism commissioned to preserve and efficiently exploit this construction. Units would arrange staff for 3-shifts daily work. Additionally, units would organize collection, exhibition of more than 500 documents relating to types of tea, tea culture for domestic and international visitors to visit and study.
At present, here keeps and exhibits many groups of documents and objects to introduce the history and development of tea, characteristic culture. Among them, there has several precious documents and objects about cultivation, maintenance and processing of tea; ancient teapots, tea tools and so on.
Through these exhibited documents, objects and contents, visitors will understand not only the typically natural conditions for the development of tea but also the value of history, culture of tea. Also, they can sympathize for the hard work of local people. Everytime when we enjoy a moreish cup of tea, we can feel more about the value of life and the sophistication of the people in this land. This means that brand of Thai Nguyen Tea in general and brand of Tan Cuong Tea in particular are not achieved naturally or accidentally. In fact, due to deposition and accumulation of the time flow of history that has saved life and development of tea and tea growers, enjoyers has created an original tea culture.
It can be said that Cultural space of Thai Nguyen tea is the remarkable spotlight luring hundreds and even thousands of tourists because thanks to this space, they will feel interested and excited to know more unique tea cultures of Thai Nguyen in particular as well as other domestic and international tea areas in general.

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