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Immersing into charming Kien Giang

December 09, 2015          4327 views
(Cinet) – Coming to Nam Du and Ba Lua archipelago, visitors will be immersed in the navy -blue sea covered by the white sands and will be enjoyed a variety of fresh seafood.
Besides the famous Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang also owns many islands with unspoiled and mystic beauty like rugged ornaments that have not been honed. When taking steps on the land, tourists surely will feel interesting with anything there.
Approaching to Nam Du, the first thing that people fancy about is immersing in the blue sea which becomes one with the sky color as prolonged endlessly. Being beautiful and the most famous here is a beach on the Huge Island as Men beach, Dat Do beach with coconut trees bent down their shadows on the white sand and crystal clear water so that visitors can illuminate in depths of sea.
After the eventful aquatic games, travelers can rent a motorbike to promenade along the roads around the island to sightsee landscape included cliffs in the one side, a blue- navy sea in another side and the small islands as well as countless boat going up and down on the water being far away. Nam Du’s cuisine will surely be unable to ignore with fresh seafood just caught from the sea, grilled bananas green-bones fish or crunchy chewy squid soup.
Dried seafood at the port.
Located in territorial waters, Kien Giang contains many beautiful and famous islands as well as beaches. In the other aspect, Ba Lua Archipelago (belonging to Kien Luong District) fascinates travelers by rustic character, simplicity.

Attracted the most of travelers, a group of Huge island, Duong island and Gieng island become the most famous three-island island. Beaches here are considered rather shallow with gentle waves so that visitors can walk from the island to another island during the period of low tide at the same time exploring the landscape and the lives of those honest fishermen. This is an interesting experience which the number of guests can not experience at any other points of travel. Under boundless waters, visitors can relax, have fun with friends, take a dip in the cool water or experience the pleasures of hunting species seafood, namely clams, oysters, snails ... as real fishermen.
Ngoc Anh
Source of photos: www.vnexpress.net