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Co Thach 7-color-rock lump

November 10, 2015          3788 views
(Cinet)- A beach owning full of glossy and multicolored pebbles, located at the feet of Co Thach Pagoda, Tuy Phong Province is favourite place attracted many tourists in Binh Thuan.
The rock lump lies beneath Co Thach Pagoda also known as Ca Duoc lump. Boulders here are clean- shaven, colorful and stretched over a kilometer. Hundreds of thousands of stones are gathered here, presented in variety of shape as square, triangular, hexagonal, polygonal and diamond. Not only diverse in shape, the stones also have many colors such as white, black, yellow, brown, purple, green, blue, red  with the very beautiful ridge. Under the waves and the sun, the rocks alight with sparkling colors as the purest gems.
The tides and thousands-year-waves have polished the boulders into innumerable shapes with exotic motifs. At ebb-tide, the landscape here is more spectacular with numerous moss-covered boulders bumpy green. When the sun's rays of the end of the day penetrate, visitors can try to lie down on the rock lump, left their eyes closed and listened waves’ sound lulling beside their ears.
Situated on a 64-meter-high hill, Co Thach Pagoda is a Buddhist architectural complex, leaning on the mountain and cave located closely together in an area of more than 2,000 meter squares. The three-door temple gate leads into the main hall with elephant and tiger in the protector’s role in the front. Tourists also can go to Co Thach to sightsee the multicolor rock lump by the southeast direction. Sanctuary in the cave was added a gate and dragon roof. Most works have been restored, so the shrine looks new longer.
It takes just over five hours to move by car from Ho Chi Minh City to visit Co Thach rock lump. The visitors can choose here to go for picnic at weekend with family or friends. Not only contemplating these amazing rocks, guests can visit the cave temple, white sand dunes, Nam Hai worship tomb. Their trips could be more interesting than when they are campfire at sea and enjoy number of delicious and fresh seafood.
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