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Da Dia Whirlpool- mythological beauty of nature

November 02, 2015          2773 views
(Cinet)- From Tuy Hoa city, along 1A Highway in the North about 30 kilometers, the visitors just turn right forward the east direction approx 12 kilometers to come DA Dia whirlpool. This famous destination is located peacefully in the seashore of An Ninh Dong Commune, Tuy An District, Phu Yen Province.
Established from the ancient effusion volcano, the mineral stream became hardening when it contacted with cold water. Along with the post-tensioning phenomenon, the whole mass of mineral was cracked off by multiple dimensions, accidentally creating the unique but perfect shapes. People said that there are only four places like that over the world, namely Giant’s Causeway rocky mountain in North- east Ireland seashore, Organos whirlpool in La Gomera – a famous island  in Spain, Fingal cave in Staffa island , Scotland and finally Jeju island, Korea.

The travelers visiting Da Dia whirlpool will experience the feeling when taking step on the rock, wallowing in the essence of the middle sea’s wind and huge space of sun and sea. It is clear that they will love their life more and more because of the amazing things of Mother’s Nature presenting in the S-shape land.
From a distance, Da Dia whirlpool seems to be a huge bees’nest with 50-meters in width and 200 meter in length. The masses of hexagonal rock are neatly arranged, rising up to the sea. The rock bank is highlighted by mysteric black among crystal sea water and dazzling white waves.
Coming to Da Dia whirlpool, the visitors will see coracles laying on the masses of rock. The boat stage is also the place where fishers stopped after a long sea trip and started for the new fishing trip. The coracles are the points drawing the life in the harmonious land. By the time, Da Dia whirlpool still has not been known by many people and has not received appropriate investment. But in the next time, Da Dia whirlpool is predicted to attract vast of guests sightseeing here.
Ngoc Anh
Source of photos: news.zing.vn, foody.vn




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