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Romantic Nam Cuong sand hill

August 26, 2015          4060 views
(Cinet) – Far from Phan Rang city about 8 kilometers on the direction of southeast, Nam Cuong sand hill is belonging to the Tuan Tu village of Cham’s ethnic, An Hai commune, Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan.
It takes approximately 30 minutes by motorbikes from Phan Rang to Nam Cuong sand hill. This is still a new tourists’ attraction which little people know about. Until now, Nam Cuong sand hill has never been properly invested in.
Coming to Nam Cuong, tourists will see many layers of sand queued up, overwhelming their sight as a talented placement work of the country of sun and wind. From the towering hills, visitors can zoom their eyes out of the blue Dong Hai Sea and Cha Bang mountains located on the southwest known as the legendary mountain of the Cham ethnic.
The most beautiful moment to contemplate the sand dunes is at the dawn when sunshine spreads on sandy grassland make the class stands out "color resolution" into bright and dark, then gradually flushed into a light orange color.
One of the interesting things of Nam Cuong sand hill is "changing the appearance" every hour, every day. Coming to the sand dunes in the windy day, visitors will have a chance to witness the continuous and surprisingly fast transformation of sand dunes. Taking steps by steps on the sand hill, the tourists can feel the gentleness of tiny grain of sand, seemed to embrace their foot.
Original Nam Cuong dunes associated with the life inside the village of Cham ethnic. In ancient times, people here do fishery. The queues following one another go across the sand towards the sea in the beginning of the day.
Nam Cuong sand hills attracted the travelers chiefly by untouched beauty. Nam Cuong still retains their wild characters. Thus, tourists from afar come here to enjoy the unique excitement of nature in this coast.
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