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Magical Cham Island

July 14, 2015          5048 views
(Cinet) – Far from Cua Dai beach about 15 kilometers, Cham is one of the places still remained original characters where visitors can not miss when travelling to Hoi An.
Being in the top of Vietnam diving paradises, Cham Island is great destination for those who love the beauty under the sea with the flora and fauna with the strict conservation. According to statistics, hundreds of tourists come here for relaxation and diving every day.
Group of islands including the eight islands owned folk names: Lao island, Dai island, Mo island, Kho Me island, Kho Con island, La island, Tai island, Ong island ... along a coral and magnificent sea creatural paradise.
Normally, if tourists want to watch coral, people must wear scuba diving and down a few dozen meters, but in Cham, just need to wear snorkel, face down on the crystal and cool waters, travelers  have been ready to enjoy colorful coral and exotic seafood species. So, Cham Island Snorkeling is also closer to almost guests to be able to experience. There are more than 200 species of fish, 82 species of soft-bodied marine animals dwelling at the beach and stunning coral reefs.
Stepping out of the water, a sunny and peaceful island has been ready to entertained the tourists by a dream vacation with the green beaches, crystal sandbank... Guests can also visit the Hai Tang temple existing nearly 300 years on the island and the ancient wells, chatting with the friendly residents.
The most thing travelers should not forget is enjoying Vu nang snails, stone crab, fresh seafood just catch from the sea being affordable. An exciting vacation in the Biosphere Reserve World welcomes thousands of tourists in this summer.
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