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Vietnam brings “Lotus and Water” to Expo Milano 2015

May 04, 2015          2358 views
(Cinet)- Vietnam impresses Expo Milano 2015 with a pavilion themed Lotus and Water.
Expo Milano 2015 has just officially opened its door on May 1st. It is expected to welcome twenty million visitors to come over the next six months. As a participant to every World Expo since 2000, this year Vietnam hopes to impress the world with its made-of-bamboo pavilion.
Expo Milano has officially opened on May 1st (source: Internet)
Known as Lotus and Water, the concept of Vietnam’s pavilion closely follows the theme of Expo Milan 2015 which is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.
According to the representative of Vietnam, water is the most important element in the world for the nourishment and life of all living things, yet in reality, it is threatened by the effects of pollution, overfishing and waste. The lotus flower is widespread in Vietnam, growing from the mud and expressing a disarming beauty with a capacity for purifying the water in which it thrives. This double image was chosen to convey the message of Vietnam to the international community about its commitment to actively protecting the environment and water resources.
Designed by Vietnam’s famous architecture Vo Trong Nghia, Vietnam’s pavilion is said to use the least energy and be the most environment-friendly.
Design of Vietnam's pavilion (source: Internet)
The building's main material is bamboo (source: Internet)
Rice, coffee, pepper, dried fruits and seafood are its most exported products and are exhibited at Expo Milano 2015 in 887 square meters, giving maximum emphasis to the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. Other materials including video clips, graphics, magazines, books and pottery works are displayed beautifully in the pavilion. There are three music shows performed daily by Vietnamese artists. A small area especially for introducing Vietnam food culture to visitors is also available.    

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