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Traditional costume of Muong ethnic group

May 15, 2015          9585 views
(Cinet)- Speaking to the traditional costumes of Muong people, we do not only mention on the unique of women's clothing, but also focus on men's clothing. Traditionally, a male costume includes a round-neck shirt, a long robe, pants, belt and scarf ...
Men often wear a four-panel round-neck shirt which opens in the front and has two pockets. Normally, they are sewn from cotton or silk cloth, lotus leaf – shaped cloth on the shoulder. The edge of garment has buttons, three pockets including two flap pockets behind two-tails in front and the small one on the chest connected left hand to the shoulder. On special occasions, the Muong men wear a purple or yellow silk shirt inside a long, white ceremonial robe.
Male pants are sewn with large ankle-length trouser legs by indigo fabric. Recently, the waistband has been sewn with tie to solve previous difficulties. In the old days, Muong men also used to wear belt in waist, also known as “towel of pants”.
Old men usually had their hair in a bun, a towel covering head, towel knot connecting nape and pining under the hair. And another shorter towel, covered from behind to the forehead, two towel- knots fabricated like two horns healthier and unique.

During the festival, Muong men wearing new clothes. The formal male costume often made of silk, purple, green, or yellow by silk, dotted purple scarf , dark blue silk turning purple waist, black silk robes have worn outside, with high-neck, buttons to the right armpit, high cut in two-sides
On the women's clothing, Muong women casually wear short shirts ( called “pắn”). This is kind of short blouses with long sleeveless,  shorter than Kinh ethnic’s blouses. Previously, only two colors brown and white are used to “pắn” but now variety of colors.

Muong women wear a long, black dress and a white or brown shirt with a line of buttons in the front and long sleeves. They wind a white or indigo headscarf around their head. The highlights of the Muong costume are embroidery on the dress hem and belt. It requires skill and artistic talent to design the patterns and harmonize the colors of the costume.

Most women’s dress are made by hand, from knitting fabric, dying to decorating. Muong people  have the skirt dying technique quite meticulously, creating durable fabric color but very high gloss. Normally, Muong’s women dye pink or red, green, the flowers knotting for their skirts. Muong’s women firmly think  that a dress plays a central role of the female costume. It does not cover only from the waist down but also wrap the chest. Moreover, on the waistband of the skirt is the only place where Muong ‘s Women decorated, is an important piece of art remaining traditional shape.

Costumes of Muong people become more unique and outstanding by the support of a lot of jewelry, such as earrings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, bar area. On weekdays, this jewelry usually is as something precious, especially silver jewelry, stored in the trunk. During the holidays, festivals, weddings women use them.
Sometimes silver necklace has really shined the costume , being indispensable with Muong women. Muong people use two types of necklace including type of flat called “ lam ba” and round type called “lam”. Women at Muong often wear double rings namely a big and  small one, but not single ring. However, the elites in Muong still wear chains or beads, also known as “puon khau”.
Ngoc Anh