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Van Kieu ethnic group: Following President Ho Chi Minh’s example

June 14, 2015          2706 views
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(Cinet)- The Van Kieu of Quang Tri province has endeavored to follow President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example.
Van Kieu people in Lao Bao have a strong determination to escape poverty. They share their knowledge and experience in raising animals, growing trees, and doing business.
The Van Kieu continues to study and follow President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example in their everyday life.
They wanted to show their gratitude for the revolution and President Ho Chi Minh giving them a happier and more prosperous life. 
The patriarchs of the Van Kieu hamlets gathered at the foot of Coocpangxong mountain for an oath-taking ceremony. They lit a big fire, shared a bowl of wine, and swore to heaven and mountains that they would forever be loyal to the revolution and President Ho Chi Minh.
Ho Thanh Binh, head of Ka Tang hamlet in Lao Bao Township, said, “Together we study President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example in May each year. Revolutionary cadres teach us how to grow rice and trees. President Ho told us that if we don’t’ try to overcome our difficulties, our lives will be poorer and unstable."

"Following his teaching, we now have concrete houses instead of thatch houses. Meetings to study Uncle Ho’s teaching always attract a large number of villagers,” he added.
The lives of the Van Kieu have improved since they learned how to improve the yields of wet rice, vegetables, and trees, and began raising fish and sending their children to school.
In the spring of 1946, President Ho Chi Minh sent some of his staff to visit the Van Kieu and other ethnic groups in the remote mountain areas of Quang Tri province. They were given photos of President Ho Chi Minh and new clothes.