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Van Long Natural Reserve - Bay without waves

July 22, 2015          4571 views
(Cinet)- Located in Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province, Van Long Natural Reserve is far about 90 kilometers from Hanoi to the south. Van Long is not only a natural reserve of wetlands but also the cultural relics.
Van Long is consider as not only a legendary land but also a beautiful area and the largest natural reserve of wetlands. Here, the boats are available to serve the travellers enjoying a visit arround Van Long. A large space with spectacular mountain ranges creates a natural wall surrounded a vast expanse of water.
With an area of 3000 hectares, Van Long natural reserve has 32 beautiful grotto such as: Ca Grotto, Bong Grotto, Rua Grotto, Chanh Grotto, each grotto has an unique beauty. Known as the most beautiful grotto, Ca Grotto has 250 meters length, 8 meters height and 10 meters width, its ceiling is stalactites with strange shapes like animal, fish, etc. According to legend, ancient people used to catch a fish with 45 kilograms weight, which is origin to form the name “ Ca Grotto”
In the Van Long forest, there are 457 species of higher plants. In particular, 8 species has been recorded in Vietnam Red list. Among 39 species of animals, 12 species is considers as rare animals such as white shorts langur boasted largest number in Vietnam, in turn, chamois, Bengal slow Loris, Asian black bear, stump-tailed macaque, etc. In the species recorded in Vietnam List, it contains king cobra, water monitor, oriental Rat snake, lizards…
People usually associate Ninh Binh with Trang An, a UNESCO natural and cultural heritage site, Cuc Phuong National Park and Bai Dinh Pagoda.
Through the guests’ assessment, Van Long is nicknamed “bay without waves". People on boats around the Van Long romantic scene can see the water beneath them as calm as a giant mirror and reflecting the mountains and clouds.
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