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4th International Puppetry Festival: Creation and impression

October 17, 2015          2525 views
A scene in play " Bay len tu mat nuoc"
(Cinet)- The 4th International Puppetry Festival wrapped up on October 16. Performances which introduce all types of puppetry such as water puppetry, finger puppetry, shadow puppetry and stick puppetry made a strong impression on the audience.
The one-week festival brings together 12 art troupes from Belgium, Cambodia, Germany, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Russia, Thailand, the UK and Vietnam. It aims to promote arts and culture exchanges among Vietnam and other countries.
The three Vietnamese puppetry groups took part in the event are Viet Nam puppetry theatre, Thang Long puppetry theatre and Hai Phong puppetry theatre.
The international puppetry groups brought new shows to the festival, and the local groups also presented new plays.
Eighteen shows of various forms such as water puppetry, shadow puppetry and mask puppetry were held, showcasing the typical cultural features of each country.
Their performances will enrich the spiritual life of the local people, enhance the understanding of foreign friends about Vietnamese culture, as well as tighten mutual international relationships through arts activities.
The string puppet performance Dances of the Night Queen (Vu Dieu Hoa Quynh) by the Vietnam Puppetry Theatre won the Gold Medal at this event.
The Vietnam Puppetry Theatre also bagged two Silver Medals for its remaining puppet plays 'Chuyen Tinh Da Trach' and 'Ton Ngo Khong Ba Lan Danh Bach Cot Tinh'.
Four other Silver Medals were presented to puppet troupes from Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam's Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre.
The Organising Board also presented 13 Gold Medals and 14 Silver Medals to outstanding puppeteer, best director, excellent shaping of puppets, and best stage decoration among others.
A scene in play "Dances of the Night Queen"
Thang Long puppetry theatre .Photo: Hanoimoi
A play from Campuchia

Launched on October 10th, the fourth event attracted the participation of both Vietnamese and international artists from Russia, the UK, Germany, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Belgium, and the Philippines. This year, the Central Puppetry Theatre, Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre and Hai Phong Water Puppetry Theatre were Vietnam’s representatives in the festival.



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