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Valuable treasures of Vietnam arts through revolutionary propaganda pictures

October 02, 2015          2942 views
Propaganda picture ( Photo source: Internet)
(Cinet)- Some prime works of arts highlighting political and national events are some Vietnamese propaganda pictures to reflect social life in a lively way by using graphic language.
Some propaganda pictures features some big events of the country such as the August Revolution (August 19), Reunification Day (April 30), National Day (September 2), National Assembly election, and Party Congresses. These pictures have strongly impacted on the public encouraging them in a progress of national construction and defense. There are different ways of creating political pictures. Advanced technology makes it easy for a propaganda painter to create an art work. But this also poses a challenge for them due to risks of overlapping. This requires the painter to be more creative.
Painter Tran Mai introduced his collection called “79 springs” featuring President Ho Chi Minh at an exhibition 6 years ago. The collection is comprised of 79 pictures depicting President Ho Chi Minh in different moods and circumstances, from the time when the President decided to go overseas to find way for national salvation to the moment he read the Declaration of Independence at Ba Dinh square on September 2, 1945. Using red and brown as the key colors, the painter portrayed President Ho Chi Minh as an outstanding leader and cultural figure. Painter Tran Mai presented all 79 propaganda pictures to the Nha Rong Wharf Museum in Ho Chi Minh City.
Propaganda pictures depicting President Ho Chi Minh are one of the popular topics among Vietnamese painters. During war time, each Vietnamese painter had at least one or two propaganda pictures while professional painters created hundreds of works. Many pictures were painted on the walls, and printed in newspapers. Each picture carries a message.
Photo source: Internet

From post-colonial struggles to the battles to reunify a Vietnam partitioned after the 1954 Geneva Accords, North Vietnamese artists were key to take the messages of Ho Chi Minh to the front line of battle and to a population across both sides of the divide.
On the CNN, Richard Di San Marzano, curator of the Dogma Collection of Vietnamese propaganda art and an upcoming exhibition of original posters in Ho Chi Minh City said that the posters were a historical document but also illustrative of the use of art and development of artists in the country.Di San Marzano said that there are around 1,000 original examples in the collection that was started by Dominic Scriven, a British investment banker who moved to Vietnam in the 1990s.
" Ensure the road to open for Victory" (Photo source: internet)

Themed by “some artists are soldiers on the cultural front”, expelling "foreign invaders" and celebrating military action, such the shooting down of American planes were common themes, with national symbols like the lotus flower, as well as communist iconography like the face of Ho Chi Minh ("Uncle Ho"), regularly featured.
Also, with a title of “Art produced on the back of scrap paper”, produced-quickly and often in the field paints and paper were often scarce, especially after the escalation of the conflict in 1965, many posters from that time are produced on the back of any spare material, including maps and Soviet bloc posters.In so-doing, some propaganda pictures have become more popular in terms of numbers, types and technologies used but those depicting the revolutionary theme are always treasures of Vietnamese art.



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