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Tran Van Can painter with Watercolor Sketches

June 21, 2015          2958 views
(Cinet)- Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is showing a collection of watercolour sketches to mark the 105th birth anniversary of master artist Tran Van Can (1910-2015).
The exhibition is showing over 80 watercolor sketch by artist Tran Van Can composed over the years 1955- 1979, representing over 4 main themes: Theme fighting protection country with works not only aesthetic values but also contain valuable historical record unforgettable milestone in the journey of struggles for national independence and resistance against American troops; Subject of productive labor: Carving painting captures the spirit and productive labor force and diligence of our people; Landscape theme celebrates the beauty of country through gentle color palette, smooth and full implementation romantic mood as his own human nature; Subject portraits depicting idyllic rustic beauty of the countryside where warm-hearted people live.
This collection has been exhibited for the first time in 1980 when the artist Tran Van Can alive on the anniversary of his birthday. And today, after 35 years, the public will have another opportunity to admire and enjoy the works of watercolor sketch in gentle, elegant, bold color time to once again admire the creativity and qualities of a talented artist, who has no less meritorious contribution to the country's art.
Tran Van Can was one of the leading painters in the quartet of modern art in Vietnam, the author of many popular works, including works "Em Thuy" (composed in 1943). Not only confirmed his talent in drawing oil painting but he also succeeded in many other materials such as lacquer, silk, or woodcarving ... In particular, the sketch he made became memories, anecdotes or stories touching to reflect the reality of life.
The dedication to life by artist Tran Van Can not only reflected in the works of art, but over the years his work with many important positions as Secretary of Vietnam Fine Arts Association Class 1; Chairman of the Vietnam visual artist lock 2 ... He has many contribution, building careers of Vietnam art in general as well as the evaluation and selection of the paintings which have value for Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in particular.
The exhibition will run until the end of June.



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