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The art of painting on bamboo paper

May 15, 2015          2316 views
(Cinet)- The occurrence of art works on bamboo paper (Truc chi) in Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2015 made many people surprised and fascinated.
Based on traditional processes, paper was manipulated in the use of bamboo and was developed as the unique art work.
New impression on paper
In Can Chanh Palace space (Hue Citadel) in the framework of Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2015 held in Hue, Hue Relic Conservation Centre and the group of authors of the project "Dong vong" (the visual art of Nguyen Lord period) opened the bamboo – structured art space on the basic of designs and patterns of arts of the Nguyen Lords.
An exhibition of 50 paintings only large format architectural graphics (80 cm x 190 cm) sorted by simulating the structure of Nguyen dynasty monuments. These works were just improvised structures under 5 themes: general structure, monument, stone stele, grave, decorative art. Onlookers were amazed at the beauty of bamboo which was of traditional and new expression with the designs and patterns of Nguyen Lord period on the background of contemporary art.
Along with the exhibition “Dong vong”, at the Museum of Cultural Hue the art space was also created under lines of the modern applied arts with many decorative products and souvenirs such as makeup box, postcards, pictures, letters legal, fans, lanterns, parachute, costumes, dressing table...etc.
The unique characteristics of bamboo paper was not normal paper because it contained patterns, textures, different layout and style marked by personal creativity of the artist.
Phan Hai Bang painter who created this artistic line

Vary from tradition
Phan Hai Bang painter, lecturer in University of the Arts - the University of Hue, the originator who created this artistic line said: "Since 2000, I began research on paper. The paper art traditionally appeared thousands of years and there will be nothing new if there is no continuous development. Under common concepts, paper is only a product serving human life, a product of human civilization designed for creating a "background" on which people write draw, print...in order to express bright ideas and cover different messages in the process of communication . "
In 2007, receiving the support of the Asian Scholarship Foundation (ASF), Phan Hai Bang artist took a trip, did an research and professional traditional villages on handmade paper in Bac Ninh, Chiang Mai and the northern provinces of Thailand. After returning, he and his students studied and completed the process of manually making paper from straw, sugarcane, banana, bamboo...and started applying in the creation of the visual art as well as the applied art. After testing many different materials, on the basis of the production of traditional paper, the research team chose bamboo as raw material because it was available, easy to grow and familiar with Vietnamese people. By 2012, in the first exhibition in Hue Capital, the bamboo paper art was officially put a name as “Truc chi” by the writer, translator Buu Y.



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