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3D Goldfish painting to introduce on the entire world

May 12, 2015          3887 views
Artist Tuan Anh and his 3D paiting
(Cinet)- Inspired by Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori, a talented Japanese artist who has invented this technique of painting after 8 years of research and experimentation to perfect it. Tuan Anh has been working and producing various kind of 3D paiting based on his technique. After receiving a certain success in the country, Tuan Anh looks forward to introducing these high quality pieces of art to people on the entire world. 
Advertizing via social networking sites Facebook and websites selling crafts, goldfish "made in Vietnam" not to hand the domestic customers but also reaching out to the world. Tuan Anh said he sent several batches of his works to many countries and many people feel surprised, when first contact with his painting.

The meaning of goldfish in Asian culture
The Chinese words for goldfish are identical with the two words meaning "Gold and Abundance", for this reason many Chinese keep goldfish at their homes or in ponds in temple gardens.
Goldfish in Feng Shui are considered to be creators of good luck and positive outcomes in new endeavours and in particular matters of business. In Chinese the word “yu” means fish but also means success. Therefore keeping fish or having an ornament or product with a fish or goldfish on it in the Feng Shui tradition is a way of attracting prosperity.
 Moreover, as goldfish are also beautiful they are also seen to bless us and our environment with beauty through their colours. The fish brings the natural world (through being an animal and living in water) into our home or working environment.

The 3D painting method
The art of goldfish painting had already appeared in ancient China but the technique of painting in 3 dimensions using acrylic and resin has just been recently invented by Riusuke Fukahori - a Japanese artist.
3D painting is a mixture of the art and technology. The fish are painted meticulously, layer by layer. The artist paints what lies beneath first, then gradually reach the top. After that between each layer he pours the transparent resin that serves as a support, to give the final volume to his work. 
Indeed, this process is similar to the function of a 3D printer, but handmade, the patience and the attention to detail make these paintings rich and the illusion of 3D and the reality are really original.
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