Legal Documents

Organizing festival for Vietnamese Creation and Design 2020
№. 2816/QÐ-BVHTTDL Issuing date: October 05, 2020 Category: Direction
Organizing Japanese film screenings
№. 2435/QÐ-BVHTTDL Issuing date: September 01, 2020 Category: Decision
Organizing French Film Week 2020
№. 2425/QÐ-BVHTTDL Issuing date: August 31, 2020 Category: Decision
Allowing the French Institute to screen 15 French films in Vietnam
№. 2357/QÐ-BVHTTDL Issuing date: August 25, 2020 Category: Decision
Regulations detail some articles of the Library Law
№. 93/2020/NÐ-CP Issuing date: August 18, 2020 Category: Decree
Allowing the French Institute to screen two French movies in Vietnam
№. 2291/QÐ-BVHTTDL Issuing date: August 17, 2020 Category: Decision
Film screening to celebrate the 75th August Revolution (August 19) and National Day (September 2)
№. 2234/QÐ-BVHTTDL Issuing date: August 11, 2020 Category: Decision
Approving the organizational plan of "VPBank Hanoi Marathon ASEAN 2020"
№. 2182/QÐ-BVHTTDL Issuing date: August 04, 2020 Category: Decision
Spraying disinfectant to prevent and control COVID-19 epidemic
№. 383/VP-QT Issuing date: July 30, 2020 Category: Document

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