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Ba Chua Kho Temple Festival
February 20, 2015        3,730 views

(Cinet)- Ba Chua Kho Temple Festival is one of the largest of its kind in the northern region.The festival includes incense offering ceremony, custom of borrowing money from her (only symbolizing) to pray for property and good luck.

Dong Ho painting, a special folk cultural feature of Vietnam
February 20, 2015        2,813 views

Dong Ho village is located on the southern side of the Duong river in the Song Ho commune of Bac Ninh province, more than 30km to the east of Hanoi. It is one of the villages that preserves the ancient cultural relics of the Kinh Bac area in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam.

About Bac Ninh

(Cinet)- Bac Ninh is known as a province located in the Red River Delta as well as situated to the Northern mainpoint economic area. In terms of  land area, the province is smallest of all Vietnamese provinces , in contrast, Bac Ninh is rich in culture with plentiful of forms of art and fork festivals. 

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