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Phan Chau Trinh awards winners announced

March 26, 2015          2126 views
(Cinet)- HCM city organized the award ceremony of Phan Chau Trinh for outstanding people in the fields of culture and education, translation, research and Vietnamese studies on March 24.
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8th Phan Chau Trinh Cultural Funds decided to honour 05 individuals by some best devotions in renewing Vietnam’s culture and education.

The Phan Chau Trinh Culture Foundation, run by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, instituted the awards in 2007. The awards honour national hero, poet and cultural expert Trinh, a native of central Quang Nam Province. Born in 1872, Trinh was a reformer who fought in the resistance movement against the French when he was very young. He devoted all of his life to the country's modernization.

Award of “For culture-education” by Nguyen Vinh Bao has contributed to collect and turn traditional music into the Southern Vietnam. Teacher Pham Toan is also honoured the award by some contributions of education reform in the country.

Researcher Pham Hoang Quan received award “Research” by some studying constructions about the east sea. The construction of Vietnam sovereignty in the East sea in many years is an important part to affirm Vietnam sovereignty of the sea and island.

Translator Nguyen Nghi was honoured award of the translation. Also, Pro.Keith Weller Taylor honoured the award “Vietnamese study” by his contributions of Vietnam’s history-culture to the world.



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