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Hoi An Ancient Town is famous with the various and delicious dishes

August 05, 2015          3801 views
(Cinet)- Besides the dreamy beauty of the ancient town, Hoi An also attracts visitors with delicious food with a unique flavor and brings a memorable trip for those who have once visited Hoi An.
Here are some dishes travelers should try when visiting Hoi An:
Chicken Rice
One of delicious dishes in Hoi An you should not ignore is the chicken rice. This is such a delicious dish that traveling brochure has devoted a section to introduce.
Chicken rice is eye-catching with fresh color of rice, the green of vegetables and the white of chicken, an additional choice for those who love spicy dishes by add more red color of chili. Initially, the dish can be seen as a strange dish and not very interesting, but the taste will be delicious when you quickly try in the first time.
Quang Noodles 

This is the popular country dish in Hoian and Quang Nam. The noodle is yellow or white in color and made from rice flour. It is mixed with shrimp, pork and vegetables, and topped with grilled rice paper and spices. Similar to rice noodle and chicken or pork soup (Hu tieu), My Quang is a variety of Pho (rice noodle soup), because the noodles are made from rice and covered with soup as serving.
“Cao Lau”
Cao lau has been known  for a long time as a specific dish which distributed to create the soul of Hoi An city's cuisine. It is completely different from the same kind of other regions in Vietnam. This dish uses less sauce like Quang noodles but it is used with side dishes like bean sprouts, deep fried pork skin, and greaves. In addition to the above ingredients, the chef also adds some special sauces, fragrant powder and vegetables. Diners just mix the ingredients together and start eating.
“Hoanh Thanh”
There are three types of “hoanh thanh”: soup, fried type and noodles. These dishes are enjoyed first as appetizer before the main dishes.
The main ingredients include flour, egg and shrimp. The flour after mixed and stirred with egg and then fermented, cut into small square-shape pieces to make the crust. The inner part is crushed prawns. “Hoanh thanh” is used with fragrant broth of pineapple, tomatoes and mushrooms. You will be served with a plate of fresh green vegetables.
Banh Dap with stir fried Mussels
Banh Dap is a combination of cake baking, wet rice paper and some other ingredients. Wet cake wipes with green bean and put inside two pieces of baked rice paper. Then, the cakes tapped up to make two pieces stick together. This section must be skillful to wet cake roll adhesive part of baked rice paper, keep the two outer layers are not crumble. When the cakes reached the appropriate thin, the cake will be doubled back then served with a plate of fried mussels.
How to eat it right tone is marked with the sauce. This is the sauce is prepared from sugar, onion, chopped pineapple, garlic and green chili horns.
Banh Bao (Dumplings) & Banh Vac
Banh Bao and Banh Vac are two names of different dishes often served together in a meal. These dishes have two little shapes like roses. So many places are called by the name as rose cake.
Ingredients include rice cakes, fresh shrimp mixed with salt, pepper, onion and other spices. Meanwhile, the ingredients of the Banh Vac cakes also add mushrooms, bean sprout, scallions, pork, etc.
Banh My “Bread”
Hoi An is one of Vietnam’s best destination for tasty bread. The bread in Hoi An still have the same ingredients consisting of steak, pork bologna, herbs and special sauce, it makes the difference of each loaf.
 “Banh Beo”-Rice pancake
The only dish is not presented in the old town center, but still be famous is Banh Beo. Like many places, Banh Beo is placed in a small bowl including the shrimp, black pepper and green onion leaf. Depending on the taste, you can add chili or sauce to suit your interests.
People do not use the chopsticks, knives or spoons to eat this dish, a stick made from bamboo and shaped like a blade used to enjoy Banh Beo. Thus, while diners enjoy Banh Beo, people all feel curious and strange.
 “Banh Uot” with Barbecue

Banh Uot with barbecue sold most in the shore of Hoai River. This is a favorite food for both adults and kids. A full meal consists of meat skewer, Banh Uot, vegetables and sauces.
The meat is grilled still hot and fragrant from the first taste. When placed in thin crusts, more green vegetables, eat the sauce viscous create exotic taste. Therefore, many people do not just stop at one or two that would order for several sticks of barbecue until full.

Small cups of “Che” with the fragrance of coconuts with many colors are food-binding the visitors. For the sweet lover, tea is a great choice with sweet taste of sugar, fat of coconut and fragrance of banana oil. You can choose many different types of Che like corn, beans, red beans, etc.


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