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“Banh trang phoi suong” festival – Promoting craft village culture

April 07, 2016          6049 views
“Banh trang phoi suong” .Photo:internet
(Cinet)- Festival of culture, tourism and trade titled “the Trang Bang first-ever Dew-Wetted Rice Paper festival” has been organized on April 06-12, 2016 in Trang Bang stadium, Tay Ninh province.
“Banh trang phoi suong” craft in Vietnamese, is being held in Trang Bang District, Tay Ninh Province, known as the birthplace of the renowned specialty. Trang Bang District is a place famous for its speciality - banh trang phoi suong (rice paper cakes exposed to the dew. They are basically a type of spring roll filled with various mixtures).
Trang Bang rice paper is a popular food for not only Tay Ninh residence and pilgrims. Especially, rice paper is expose in fog in the evening. Rice paper will be expose on 1 or 2 minutes in fog make more ductility but not wet or ragged. Rice paper is used to roll boiled meat and vegetables and dip in chili fish sauce. Moreover, rice paper is so light to bring to give for someone traveler come back home from the trip.
At the festival, many attractive activities including special art program at the opneing ceremony and the informing ceremony of Minister of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to ““Banh trang phoi suong” craft village.

200 booths at the festival will treat visitors to local dishes and craft making performances. There are also food courts for festival-goers to taste the famous banh trang phoi suong. The event is showcasing the biggest dew-wetted rice paper ever made, measuring 1.2 meters in diameter, and aiming to set a Vietnamese Guinness record.
The festival in Trang Bang is intended to introduce dew-wetted rice paper and its’ production practice to visitors during a week-long run.
The festival is a great chance for provincial travel agencies, restaurants, and resorts to cooperate with partners in neighboring provinces.
Taste of the food
When people mention banh trang Trang Bang, they think about the very Vietnamese rice paper from Trang Bang in Tay Ninh Province. The rice paper looks simple to make, but it is not. It requires a lot of skill and time.
People usually taste rice paper with boiled pork and vegetables by rolling them toghether, it seduces everyone, even foreign tourists who have visited the locality and it gets its special taste thanks to the weather of Tay Ninh of scorching sun at daylight and dewy at nighttime.
"Banh trang phoi suong" is the best specialty we had in Vietnam. One of my local friend recommended this restaurant to me. And the food impressed us. The rolls of meat, vegetables and some “bun” served with very special Vietnamese sauce. The taste was just amazing.