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Ban Gioc among world’s 15 most amazing waterfalls

May 14, 2015          4861 views
(Cinet)- Ban Gioc Waterfall in Viet Nam’s northern Cao Bang province has been listed among the world’s 15 most amazing waterfalls in the world, according to Thrillist-a leading US food, drink and travel website.
In the article’s introduction, the author described that waterfalls have been an awe-inspiring sight ever since the first man walked down river, peered over the edge, and then wildly exclaimed to his tribe-bro "I think we can jump off of this!".
“Trickling majestically down the rocks, Ban Gioc waterfall only drops a measly 98ft, but is super awesome looking, so size doesn't really matter” said the Thrillist.
The website also stressed that the waterfall is a treasure that is still being unearthed in the cliff's caves.
Ban Gioc Waterfall is now an attractive beauty spot for national and international visitors. Travelling some 272 km from Hanoi, you will reach the splendid Waterfalls.
Feasting our eyes on this beautiful spot it was tough to listen to background information by the tour guide. Ban Gioc Waterfall on the Quy Xuan River is situated in Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District, near the border with China.
The waterfall falls are thirty meters high, separated into three falls by rocks and trees, and the thundering effect of the water hitting the cliffs can be heard some kilometers away.
Surrounded by picturesque karst peaks, the water rushes down a three-tiered cliff and is separated into three falls by rocks and trees. The scenery changes according to the seasons.
In spring, the flame-red blossoms are in full bloom, whereas it turns golden-yellow in autumn, its waters become stronger and more violent in summer and during winter the fall’s clear water drops tenderly.
The waterfalls are divided into two parts, one for the Chinese and the other for the Vietnamese side.
Water from Quy Xuan River falling down on the stone creates water droplets columns that can be seen from a distance. The temperature near the waterfall is remarkably cool, due to the water mist in the air. At the foot of the waterfall is a large river, as calm as glass, surrounded by many precious kinds of flowers.

The world’s 15 most amazing waterfalls include  Victoria Falls on Zambezi River at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, Ventisquero Falls of Chile, Pearl Shoal Waterfall of China, Sutherland Falls of New Zealand, Niagara Falls of Canada, Palouse Falls of the US, Angel Falls of Venezuela, Iguazu Falls on Iguazu River at the border of Brazil and Argentina, Kaieteur Falls of Guyana, Taughannock Falls of the US, Gullfoss of Iceland, Yosemite Falls of the US, Large Waterfall of Croatia, and The Faroe Islands- an archipelago between Norway.


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