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7 destinations make the beauty of An Giang

May 14, 2015          1551 views
An Giang province has the largest population and the fourth largest in area of ​​Mekong delta Vietnam. Because of this, An Giang has many unique landscapes that attracted many Mekong delta tours visitors.
1. Tra su cajuput forest
This sanctuary is located about 20 km from Chau Doc and covers an area of approximately 850 hectares. A wide variety of colorful birds and other animals can be found here: storks, bats, snakes, turtles … Particularly interesting to watch are birds that can walk on water: because of their low body weight they do not fall through the densely grown floating habitats.
The locals in this area built their houses with bamboo canes and fastened the roofs in trees. During the Vietnam War, the Tra Su forest Cajuput was a base of revolutionaries.
2. Linh Son pagoda
The pagoda situated in the highland region with a lot of shady ancient trees. Inside, there are two steles and four-arm Buddha statue. These are the valuable architectural works that existed over than two thousand year ago. According to archaeologists, the ancient characters that engraving in the two steles can be the ancient language of Phu Nam. Until now, although the two steles still remain, the ancient characters has been faded. The four-arm Buddha statue was found in 1913 in the region near Ba The market, it is very suitable when people put it in the two steles. Since then, people set up this pagoda and named it Linh Son, the local villagers called it four-arm Buddha Pagoda.
3. Ba the mountain
Ba The mountain is also known as Vong, the original name of corpus Son, born of the Nguyen emperors, because hydrophobic rename taboo. This is an isolated mountain located between the Long Xuyen Quadrangle, in present-day town of Oc Eo, Thoai Son district, An Giang province.
Through Nui Sap town (now called new town Oc Eo) is the Ba Market. This used to be a prosperous trading port medieval buried beneath alluvial soil than 3 m. The relic was discovered in 1942 and the discovery of the ancient city of Oc Eo in 1944, while digging canal Ba.
4. Oc Eo relics
Oc Eo relic is in the area of Sap – Ba Be Mountain, Thoai Son district, An Giang province. This is a well-known relic for being the crowded commercial port with boats and the Phu Nam kingdom location, formerly a strong kingdom of Southeast Asia.
With the area of 4,500ha, there are many Mekong delta tours An Giang visitors, archeologists, and researchers, collectors coming here to discover and study about the ancient sparkling time of An Giang.
The archeologist evidences found in this area shows that the fruitful developments are expressed in the interlaced canals, developed arts and crafts including the jewellery, pottery, which are premises for the industry.
There are also temples and tombs I this area with the combination of bricks and stones, which are the combination of the ancient civilization of region and local culture.
The discovered archeologist relics from the recent excavating are the architect monuments like grave, residential relics with more than 270 items, in which 196 are gold, 22 stone, and 47 terra-cotta. All are the relics of Oc Eo civilization inherited to the current time.
5. Tuc Dup hill
Located near the splendid Co To Mountain, Tuc Dup Hill is currently crowded of visitors on special holidays so that they can see the war remains, enjoy fresh air and admire ranging mountains. With a modest height of only 300m, Tuc Dup Hill has a obstacle and dangerous geography with rough cliffs forming caves getting though each other like a bee hive. Tuc Dup Hill is currently crowded of visitors on special holidays so that they can see the war remains, enjoy fresh air and admire ranging mountains. Mekong delta tours visitors can also visit C.6 tunnel, cave for medical ward of military, the youth tunnel and the town hall… It deserves to be an ideal amusing place as visiting people prized.
6. Chau Giang brocade village
Located in Tan Chau District, An Giang Province, Chau Giang Village has been well-known with brocade weaving in recent years. Chau Giang Brocade has not only traditional beauty of brocade but also unique in producing Cham ethnic minority specialty varies with a number of patterns, mostly known are: xarong. Chau Giang Brocade is a perfect combination between traditional and modern specialties that today has found its’ own name in the domestic market, and many customers abroad.
Traditionally, the local girls from age 12 will be taught to weave brocade. And from that women will be responsible for weaving, sewing clothes, scarves, hats … for their whole families.
7. Chau Giang’s Cham village
Visit a Cham village in the Mekong Delta tours to learn about a rare culture. The Mekong Delta province of An Giang is home to some of the largest ethnic Cham communities in Vietnam. Some 13,000 Cham live in 2,100 households on Chau Giang Islet across the Hau River from the town of Chau Doc. There are seven other major Cham villages in An Giang, each known by a Cham and Vietnamese name.
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(Cinet)- An Giang is the province located in Mekong Delta. An Giang is the first province in the area that encompassed 2 independent municipalities Long Xuyen and Chau Doc. An Giang owned many specific characteristics attracted visitors who are still hesitate to come there.

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