About Tay Ninh

(Cinet)- Tay Ninh is a province in the Southeast region of Vietnam. Its capital is the town of the province.
Tay Ninh Holy See of the Cao Dai faith
Area:4,029sq km 
Population: 908,000 
Provincial Capital: Tay Ninh
Districts: Tan Bien, Tan Chau, Duong Minh Chau, Chau Thanh, Hoa Thanh, Ben Cau, Go Dau,
Trang Bang
The province of Tay Ninh is 96 kilometers Northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. The province is located in the eastern part of South Vietnam. Tay inh borders Cambodia on three sides: the north, west and Southwest. It borders Song Be province to the east and Ho Chi Minh City to the Southeast.
Cultural Relics and Destination
Tay Ninh is home to 81 relics of history and culture to rank a position including 23 national relics, 58 provincial relics. Among them, there are 70 relics of history, 04 relics of architect and arts, 06 relics of archaeology and one landscape.
Tay Ninh is also famous for its being the territory of Cao Daism, a syncretistic and monotheistic religion. 
In addition, the Cham and Khmer cultures, which are considered two of the well-developed early civilizations appeared in the southern Vietnam, have left many valuable traditions and historical sites in Tay Ninh. However, the thing that gives Tay Ninh its reputation is the province’s spectacular scenery. For example, 986 m high, Ba Den Mountain is a famous site with many myths, a history museum and a renowned temple known as Cao Dai Great Temple. Ba Den Mountain is an interesting place for many tourists on holidays.
Ba Den Mountain is an interesting place for many tourists on holidays
Quan bridge at night

Cu Chi Tunnel (Ben Dinh) is a free attraction which is located about 45 miles northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. It is a underground system that stretches over 75 miles. It was once part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail where they transport supplies and soldiers from North Vietnam to South Vietnam.
Binh Thanh Cham Tower, a monument of the Oc-Eo culture.
Special art of Don ca tai tu music and song in Tay Ninh province

Performing Arts
Tay Ninh province is famous for “ Don ca tai tu”- a type of the arts in the South region. Art of Don ca tai tu music and song in the South of Viet Nam (also known as Don ca tai tu) is a specific folk art type of Viet Nam, developed in the South region in the late nineteenth century. People in Southern Viet Nam consider Don ca tai tu as an indispensable spiritual cultural activity in festivals, death anniversary rituals and celebratory social events like weddings and birthdays... Unlike many types of folk songs, Don ca tai tu has a strong vitality. Not only domestic but also foreign tourists who visit Viet Nam love this art from because of its rustic, familiar, romantic and unique characteristics.