About Hai Duong

(Cinet)- Hai Duong located in the Red River Delta and in the key economic region in the north is recognized as one of sacred lands of the Viet people, preserving the spiritual and cultural values of the country.
Hai Duong borders Bac Ninh in the West , Bac Giang in the North, Quang Ninh in the East. The province covers an area of 1656,0 square kilometres, and its population was 1.735.100 peoples (according to statistic in 2012).
Cultural Resources
Cultural Heritage
Hai Duong has 1,098 historic sites, of which by the end of 2010 are 146 monuments ranked nationally (specially two ranked as Con Son, Kiep Bac) and 113 historical and cultural heritages provincially.
Hai Duong is known for some famous monuments such as Con Son - Kiep Bac, Thanh Mai temple, Cao An Lac Temple, Chu Van An Temple...in Chi Linh; Kinh Mon’s relics; historical zones of greatly reputable physician Tue Tinh and Mao Dien Temple of Literature, Khuc Thua Du Temple in Ninh Giang, etc.
Every year, these monuments in the province attract thousands of visitors.
With long historical and cultural traditions, in the past centuries, the important values of Hai Duong have been preserved and reserved through the tangible and intangible cultural heritages like historical relics, culture, festivals, customs and traiditions, etc.

Performing Arts
Hai Duong is one of the cradles for the art of water puppetry. Now Hai Duong has two very famous water puppet wards including Thanh Hai-Thanh Ha, and Hong Phong.
Hai Duong owns various types of locally intangible cultural activities characteristic of  (usually taking place in historical sites and landscapes), len dong (going into trance), offering sacrifies, hau dong (receiving incarnations of the deities), Chau Van singing.
The unique folk games such as wrestling, swings, chess, human chess... usually are usually played in festivals.

Besides the rich cultural treasures, Hai Duong also attracts visitors by many festivals, landmarks, traditional craft villages along with the characteristic cuisine famous as special green bean cakes, Ninh Giang bread ramie, Thanh Ha litchi, Kinh Mon garlic... Additionally, it is also famous for some dishes such as perch noodles, steamed rolled rice pancake, sand-worm, sand-worm sause, etc.