About Hung Yen

(Cinet)- Hung Yen which is located in the center of the Red River Delta of Vietnam is the central area of North Delta and has a long tradition of culture.
Hung Yen borders Bac Ninh in the North, Hai Huong in the East, Ha Noi in the West and Northwest. Thai Binh in the South and Ha Nam in the West. The province covers an area of 926,0 square kilometres, and its population was 1.145.600  peoples (according to statistic in 2012).
Cultural Resources
Cultural Heritage
As a province of civilization, Hung Yen preserved thousands of valuable relics. Currently, there are 1,210 monuments of all kinds, including 159 national monuments and historical clusters (the third-rank province is the country in the number of national monuments), 103 provincial monuments, and historical relics. These are valuable assets, the cores of the national cultural identity of people in Hung Yen.
The outstanding monuments in Hung Yen can be known as Da Hoa Temple, Da Trach Temple associated with the legend of Chu Dong Tu - Tien Dung Princess, one of the "Four Immortals”of Vietnam. Ung Temple worships the general of Pham Ngu Lao, especially historical relics in clusters of Pho Hien, a system of many temples, shrines, tombs...is of great value in terms of cultural history and architecture.
Performing Arts
Besides the typical art forms of the northern plains, Hung Yen also has its own characteristics by the words of Trong Quan singing - a popular singing in ancient Hung Yen and preserved up to now. Hung Yen is known for chèo (traditional operetta), ceremonial songs, songstress, tuồng (classical drama), etc.

Hung Yen owns some famous tourist attractions such as Pho Hien including historical monuments in the city of Hung Yen and parts of Tien Lu, Kim Dong district; Xich Dang Temple of Literature, a cluster of historical sites of Da Hoa, Da Trach, Ham Tu - Bai Say, Hai Thuong Lan Ong Monument, Ung Temple.
The traditional festivals contributes to appealing visitors to Hung Yen like Hoa Da Trach temple festival, Ung temple Festival, Mau temple festival, Da Hoa Temple festival.
Besides, Hung Yen also attracts tourists by the famous specialties such as Pho Hien logan, Dong Tao chicken (Dong Cao), Ne Chau lotus, sauce, noodle soup at The Ky (Hung Yen city), hot steamed rolled rice pancake in Sai Thi village, (Thuan Hung, Khoai Chau), Phuong Tuong simmered frogs (Tien Lu), rice-cake in Gau village (Cuu Cao - Van Giang), Tieu Quan grilled chopped chicken, etc.