About Dong Nai

(Cinet)- Dong Nai is a south eastern province, a gateway to the South East economic region – the most dynamic and developed economic region in the South. This also contributes to the development of Dong Nai culture.
Dong Nai borders Binh Thuan in the East, Ba Ria – Vung Tau and Ho Chi Minh city in the South, Lam Dong and Binh Duong provincies in the North. The province covers an area of 5.907,2  square kilometres, and its population was 2.665.100 peoples (according to statistic in 2011).
Cultural Resources
Cultural Heritage
According to statistics in 2010, Dong Nai has 40 historical monuments including 24 national and 16 provincial ones. The type of historic  monuments in Dong Nai is various ranging from archeological, historical, architectural monuments to traditional relics of revolutionary struggles.
The typical historical landmarks can be known as the temple in honour of Nguyen Huu Canh, War Zone D, Blue House monuments (1986), Soldier Memorial (1988), Hang Gon ancient tomb, Mango Park, a national relic zone - Chua Chan Mountain (so called Gia Ray mountain), Buu Long landscape, ect.
Apart from the diverse system of historical sites, Dong Nai has many traditionally creative businesses related to bamboo rattan knitting trades, especially making pottery.
Dong Nai has many festivals featured by Ky Yen festival, Anh Duong Festival, Goddess Shrine Festival, Ong Pagoda Festival, ect.

Performing Arts
Traditional arts in Dong Nai develop prominently in the form of new and old songs of predestined affinity and renovated theatre.
In addition, Dong Nai is also home to a number of unique folk instruments of ethnic minorities such as Binh Da lithophone, flute, copper gong, musical instrument – percussion, a double reed instrument, lip lute. Tam Lot Singing of Ma ethnic group is a type of oral singing transmitted from one generation to another in the community in Dinh Quan.
Besides, Dong Nai also develops modern performing arts  such as drama, circus, music and dance, ect.
In addition to the historical relics, Dong Nai has many attractive tourist destinations, especially the development of eco-tourism like Tran Bien Temple of Literature, Buu Long tourist area.
Tourism resorts are situated along Dong Nai River. Along with the system of traditional villages and festivals, Dong Nai is gradually becoming an attractive destination in the southeast region as well as the southern provinces in general.