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Buiding document of movement “ the whole people work together to establish cutural life”.
November 06, 2007   /   3128 views

(Cinet)- Implementing Decree 1678/D-MoCI on April 5th of Ministry of Culture and Information, the Services of Culture and Information at local level make draft on movement management “the whole people work together closely to establish cutural life”.

Training librarians at local level
November 06, 2007   /   3916 views

(Cinet)- According to the plan of the Ministry of Culture and Information, there will be at least 4 training classes for librarians at local level.

Plan on managing online-game
November 06, 2007   /   3024 views

(Cinet)- In the quarter 4 in 2007, The Ministry of Culture and Information, co-operated with the Ministry of Post and Communication, the Ministry of Police submited to the Prime Minister a draft on his decisions on management online game.

Promulgating Decree on ranking national relics in Haiduong province
November 05, 2007   /   2641 views

(Cinet)- The Ministry of Culture and Information promulgated the Decrees number 13;14;18 on ranking national relics on June,13th and 14th, 2007. These national relics consist of such art architectures as Phuongquat, Khoai, Ngoc lac communal houses in Haiduong.

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