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'Night at Hỏa Lò Prison' tour to be launched

June 29, 2020          1103 views

A tour of Hỏa Lò Prison Relic at night will be launched from July 24, according to the administration board of the tourist site.

The tour is being organised with Hanoitourist Travel Company to offer more experience to travellers but it is not recommended for children under 16.

The tour of Hỏa Lò Prison Relic at night is not recommended for children under 16. — Photo courtesy of Hỏa Lò Prison Relic.

It is part of activities to attract tourists throughout the country and stimulate domestic tourism that has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As one of the points within the tourism stimulus package of Hà Nội City, Hỏa Lò Prison Relic will open until night. It is expected to be the first success on overcoming the effects of the pandemic on domestic tourism,” said a representative of the administration board of Hỏa Lò Prison.

In the 45-minute journey backwards in time, visitors will witness the harshness of the colonial region during the wars in Việt Nam, the noble sacrifice of the national heroes and see the special spiritual space dedicated to the gratitude for the predecessors.

The space within the relic at night will utilise both light and sound effects to awaken visitors’ emotions and senses.

Each visitor will be presented with a gift of spiritual value and symbolic meaning of the relic.

Tours exploring Hỏa Lò Prison at night will be conducted from 7pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from July 24.

For more information about the tour and ticket purchase, please contact the Facebook page of Hỏa Lò Prison Relic ( or by calling 0825112668.

Hỏa Lò Prison is a special historical relic of Hà Nội, built by the French colonists in 1896 to imprison Vietnamese patriots. Called Maison Centrale, it used to be one of the biggest prisons of French colonialism in Indochina at that time.

Many patriots, revolutionary leaders of Việt Nam, were captured in Hỏa Lò prison, such as Phan Bội Châu, Lương Văn Can, Hồ Tùng Mậu, Nguyễn Lương Bằng, and five General Secretaries of the Party including Nguyễn Văn Cừ, Trường Chinh, Lê Duẩn, Nguyễn Văn Linh and Đỗ Mười.

From August 5, 1964, to March 31, 1973, part of the prison was used to capture American pilots who were shot down during bombing raids against North Việt Nam. In this period, the prison was euphemistically called the “Ha Noi Hilton” by the prisoners in detention. “Alumni” of Hỏa Lò include Douglas Peter Peterson, who later became the first US Ambassador to Việt Nam, and John McCain, the late US Senator.

In 1993, the Government retained a part of Hỏa Lò Prison to transform into a historical relic. This part located in southeast of the prison was preserved, renovated and upgraded. Here, there is a memorial monument in dedication to the Vietnamese patriotic and revolutionary fighters.
Source: VNS


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