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Vietnamese culture and folk arts attracts public interest in Italy

November 13, 2019          2230 views

Attending the festival for the first time as an honourable guest, Vietnam introduced visitors at the event to the country’s traditional costumes, a photo exhibition, and a reproduction of rural area cultural space featuring a thatched-roof house, bamboo furniture items and a rickshaw.

The Vietnamese cultural space, which was set up by the Vietnamese Embassy in Italy and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, also displayed typical handicraft products of Vietnam such as bamboo and rattan-made items and lacquer products.

The festival goers were also entertained with assorted performances, including a conical hat dance, water puppetry shows, an Ao Dai fashion show, and performances of traditional musical instruments, which were brought to the stage by artists from the Vietnam Contemporary Art Theatre and the Vietnam Puppetry Theatre.

The Vietnamese cultural space provided Italian people with a closer look into the Southeast Asian country, its national identity and cultural tradition.

Festival dell’ Oriente is a prestigious traditional fair in Italy, connected to Eastern culture, features photographic exhibitions, bazaars, stands, typical gastronomy, traditional ceremonies, folkloristic performances, concerts, dance and martial arts. An action-packed events program that invites spectators to discover the cultures and traditions of fascinating, magical countries including India, China, Japan, ...

Hien Le, Photo: Hai Van




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