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Enhancing tourism cooperation with Shandong (China)

July 06, 2019          162 views

On July 1, 2019, Vice Chairman of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism Ha Van Sieu had a meeting with the delegation of Shandong Province (China) led by Mr. Zhang Mingchi - Deputy Director of Shandong’s Department of Culture and Tourism.

According to Mr. Zhang Mingchi, tourism cooperation between China and Viet Nam has been growing. In 2017, the number of Shandong tourists to Viet Nam through tour operators reached 89,000. In 2018, this number reached about 260,000, increasing nearly 3 times compared to 2017. This was an impressive growth rate, showing that Viet Nam has become an famous destination for Shandong tourists and Chinese visitors.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Ha Van Sieu highlighted the increasing flow of visitors which confirming the friendly relations between the two countries. He also shared his desire to enhance the tourism cooperation between the two sides, contributing to tourism development in each country. The two sides will discuss and find solutions to increase the exchange of visitors and improve the quality of  tourist services.

At the meeting, two leaders signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on tourism cooperation between Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and Shandong’s Department of Culture and Tourism. The MoU focuses on activities: Exchange of tourism information and tourism experiences; sharing information about important tourism events, supporting tourism businesses and the media to participate in promotion activities in the two countries; Promoting cooperation of tourism businesses of Viet Nam and Shangdong; Supporting the implementation of other related issues.

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