Training and fostering writers and artists to serve the national industrialization and modernization cause

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(Cinet)- Everyone and all fields link closely with one another. In 1995, on an occasion of Painting Exhibition, President Ho Chi Minh sent painters a letter in which he had affirmed a true “Artistic Literature is also a front and people are soldiers on that one.”

Struggling, liberalizing the nation, safeguarding the fatherland and building a powerful Vietnam with high living standards and civilized, democratic and fair society is a glorious cause of the whole people led by the Party.

Like many other persons, writers and artists make the greatest contribution to serving the resistance, people and nation. It is a fact that Uncle Ho always highlights the importance of art and culture in the political and economic domain. If literature is only used for entertainment and artistic creativity is seen as a game, however, any persons or fields can’t achieve genuine arts in life.

Educating, training and enhancing a contingent of writers and artists in the industrialization and modernization process are as important as fostering revolutionary generations because both are of short-term or long-term significance in society.

The resolution identified at the 10th National Assembly of the Vietnamese Communist Party is to enhance a strongly public cultural life and a healthy cultural environment; cultivate cultural talents; encourage people to create many highly-appreciated literary and artistic works on art and thought in line with the cause of safeguarding, building, renovating and developing the nation

The 5th Conference of the Party Central Committee (Session 10) emphasizes major tasks such as setting up and carrying out clear plans and strategies on literature – art development, creating interesting works with their high moral and human values.

In fact, many people think that writers and artists are unnecessary and can’t be trained. In the past, Most of the Vietnamese were illiterate and only a few authors and artists had much schooling, but could they write persuasive works whether those literacy persons weren’t improved basic knowledge, trained and fostered their capabilities?

It is clear to notify that training and cultivating writers and artists meets the demands of the development of daily cultural cause and creates a lot of works with several plentiful contents and forms. Nevertheless,  writers and artists should be done now is to dedicate to their own life to the nation, understand people’s life and protect them, fight against backwardness and cruel, maintain human dignity and personality and preserving special values of Vietnamese Culture. In addition to training facilities, each writer and artist must study and practice themselves everyday to maintain their dignities “clear willingness, good soul, skilled writing”, creating their own masterpieces.


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