Celebrating 40th anniversary of the Liberation Day

March 30, 2015          1837 views
 (Cinet)-Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has had Document No.972/CĐ-BVHTTDL sending to some ministries and agencies, people’s committee about organizing some activities to celebrate 40th anniversary of the Liberation Day.
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The event aims to educate history, love of the country, awareness of the nation protection; affirm some achievements of the Party and people in the construction of the country; enhance people’s pride about leadership of the Party and management of the State.
To ensure some activities of the anniversary in saving, the MOCST proposed that some ministries and agencies, people’s committee in some provinces should focus as follows:
In Ho Chi Minh: inviting some representatives to participate into the anniversary according to a guideline of the Organization Board at national level.
In some provinces and cities: Some provinces should celebrate the anniversary and consider inviting some representatives of the ministry and agency from the neighboring provinces.
Some agencies and ministries should appoint some groups to participate into the anniversary.


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