MOCST's ​Library Department: Training course on mobile library service operation

September 18, 2019          887 views
(MOCST) - On Sep 16th, the training course for documentation rotation and mobile library bus operation, organized by MOCST’s Library Department was officially kicked off.
Director of Library Department Ms. Duong Thuy Nga (photo: Lan Anh)

Addressing at the opening ceremony, Ms. Duong Thuy Nga, Director of Library Department stated that the project of providing multi-media mobile library buses, deployed by Library Department in collaboration with Vingroup’s Thien Tam Fund, has been implemented since 2016 and achieved many positive results. It came from successfully joint efforts of MOCST’s leaders, employees of Library Department and sponsoring units, so that quality books and newspapers will become more accessible for people in rural and remote areas across Vietnam.
On Sep 20th, the ceremony of providing multi-media mobile library buses for 31 provincial libraries across the country will be taken place in MOCST’s headquarter. According to Library Department, in comparison with previous years, in 2019, the number of books has been increased widely while all the mobile library buses are also well-equipped with advanced technologies, aiming to provide better services to readers.
The training course will end on Sep 19.




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