“Bup sen vang” award 2016 launched

July 28, 2016          987 views
(Cinet) – The 7th “Bup sen vang” award will officially open on the evening of August 21.
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The award is an annual activity in a year launched by the Centre for Assistance and Development of Movie Talents (TPD) – Viet Nam Cinema Association.

The award has affirmed prestige and attract some famouse film-makers from the domestic and foreign countries, especially the young film-makers. The award aims to create a forum for lovers of arts to exchange experience and share aspiration and passion of cinema.

The award comprises some items as follows: best documentary film selected by the Jury and the audience; best film voted by the Jury and the audience; best first documentary film and film voted by the Jury and the audience; best work made by the secondary school.

Particularly, the Organization Baord will add a group including 30 film-makers and members of the film-making community of the TPD into the Jury Council.

The award promises to bring the public  more surprised and attractive season. The award is one of significant events to showcase the achievements of the local movie industry and honor outstanding contributions of artists in bringing Vietnamese films to the world.



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