Holding a tourist training course for museum presenters

January 04, 2008          1774 views

(Cinet)- On 25th December 2007, Tourist General Department in co-ordination with Department of Cultural Heritage held “a training course on museum presentation to serve tourists”, which will be piloted first in Vietnam Art Museum.

This training course aimed at implementing guidance of Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry, Hoang Tuan Anh, on “Strengthening a close link between tourist activities and museum system”, improving the efficiency of the museum’s tourist-served activities.

Nguyen Manh Cuong, Deputy Head of Tourist General Department said, “If the course succeeds, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will permit to hold additional training courses regularly on a large scale and create a favorable condition for museum presenters to study and enhance their qualifications, contributing to raising the quality and efficiency of tourist-served activities.

The training course lasted 3 days. Attending it has 21 trainees from 9 museums in Hanoi. Through it, they can learn many things such as having new skills, enhancing awareness on tourism and presentation art for tourists and others. “I hope, in the latest time, museums in Vietnam will become key destinations in tour schedules of travel businesses and attract tourists to further affirm a sound relation between Culture and Tourism”, added Dang Van Bai - Deputy Head of Tourist General Department.


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