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Vietnamese travel agents seek ways to mitigate impacts of coronavirus outbreak

February 07, 2020          1669 views
Participants at the event (Photo:
Addressing the event, VTA Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Vietnam Society of Travel Agents (VISTA) Vu The Binh affirmed that domestic travel agents are determined to work side by side with the State in the fight against the epidemic, and strictly follow State’s direction on the issue while staying active in updating the situation.

According to VISTA Vice Chairman Phung Quang Thang, since the tourism sector is easily affected by natural disasters, epidemic diseases and wars, the nCoV outbreak poses huge economic losses for the world’s economy and for the tourism sector in particular.

In Vietnam, total losses caused by the outbreak to the country’s hospitality sector have been estimated at tens of trillion VND.

Participants at the event set tasks and measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic and to ensure safety for tourists and those working in tourist attractions. They also asked the VTA to seek State support in overcoming current difficulties.

Source: VNA


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