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World Cup qualifiers: Security to be tightened for Vietnam-Malaysia match

October 08, 2019          1076 views

The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) recently held a meeting to discuss specific measures to ensure absolute security for the World Cup qualifier between Vietnam and Malaysia, scheduled to be hosted at Hanoi’s My Dinh Stadium on October 10.

The event was attended by VFF officials and representatives from the General Department of Sports and Physical Training, relevant public security units and the National Sports Complex.

At the meeting, delegates attached top priority to the issue of ensuring security and safety for the upcoming game, especially for the officials performing tasks during the match as well as the guests.

The security units pledged to resolutely prevent and strictly handle the burning of firecrackers and flares at the stadium, while taking remote prevention measures against extremists and those supplying and using weapons, firecrackers and flares.

Accordingly, a previously-installed system of 30 supervisory cameras in the stands will continue to be used in service of the security work.

The organising committee called on fans to show support in a civilised manner so that the players feel confident to contribute a nice match.

The meeting sees the presence of relevant public security units. (Photo: VFF)

In addition, the meeting talked about the issue of protecting and closely controlling the Malaysian supporters in attendance.

Participants agreed that the VFF would coordinate with Hanoi Police to organise a training session for the forces involved in safeguarding the match, in addition to putting up signposts to make it more favourable for supporters to enter the stadium.

Together with the support of public security forces, the VFF will deploy a team of guards to get involved in ensuring security and safety for the match.

The Group G match between Vietnam and Malaysia, as part of the second round of the 2022 World Cup Asian qualifiers, is set to take place at 8pm on October 10 at My Dinh Stadium in Hanoi.

Iranian referee Masoud Bonyadi Fard will officiate the Vietnam-Malaysia match at Hanoi's My Dinh Stadium on October 10.

As assigned by the Asian Football Conference, 34-year-old Iranian referee Masoud Bonyadi Fard will officiate during the game. He will be assisted by Alinezhadian, Mirzabegi and Kamezi Vahid.

Head coach Park Hang-seo recently announced the 25-player Vietnam squad. The final 23-player list will be decided before the October 10 game.
(Source: NDO)



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