Expand the knowledge about State Administration of culture, sports in southern regions

June 12, 2016          921 views
(Cinet) – The five – day course on expanding the knowledge of State Administration of cultural and sports mechanism at local levels for leaders and officials from the cultural and sports sectors in 28 provinces in the southern region will be taken place from June 13th to 17th, 2016.
The course held by the professional training and servive center of culture, sports and tourism under the Southern Division under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism was aimed at preparing learners the knowledge related to the state management of cultural and sports mechanism at local levels; making a contribution to supporting the knowledge, experience, administrative skills, improving the quality of state management of cultural and sports mechanism at local units for all staffs working in the field of the state management in the cultural sector in southern localities.
The course will finish on June 17th, 2016. It is hoped that after taking part in the course, all participants coming back to their locality will apply all knowledge they have gained through practical training in the effective activities for better management of the state involved in cultural and sports mechanism at basic level.


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