Project about propagandizing “The Tale of Kieu” by great poet Nguyen Du

April 01, 2016          1628 views
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(Cinet)- Decision No.1205/QĐ-BVHTTDL of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism promulgating on March 29, 2016 relates to implement Project about propagandizing “The Tale of Kieu” by great poet Nguyen Du.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Culture,Sports and Tourism entrusts Arts Peforming Department to host and associate with some relevant agencies to implement the Proejct. Time: in 2016-2017.
The Tale of Kieu is an epic poem in Vietnamese written by Nguyen Du, and is widely regarded as the most significant work of Vietnamese literature. The plot portrays the chaotic political and social circumstances of Vietnam in the 18th century, arising from political infighting. The theme of the story is filial piety, one of the main tenets of Confucianism. The story has helped international friends understand Vietnamese literature better. It’s rare that literary works in Vietnam and the world at large win the hearts of so many readers. The poem has become a “bedside” book and a “bible” for Vietnamese people over the past two centuries.
The Project is implemented through some typical art forms, especially traditional art forms of Vietnam recognized by the UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Some works will be written in subtitles and turn into some folk songs and traditional games of puppetry based on content of The Tale of Kieu. In addition, the Tale of Kieu is also introduced by other forms such as book exhibition, calligraphy, publishing, recordings based the valuable work.
It is the first time that the Tale of Kiey by poet Nguyen Du focuses on many forms to use cutural diversity to describe the work and new approaches to propagandize and introduce the heritage of Nguyen Du poet in the renewal period. It is an activity to educate tradition of the countryside and country love; positively maintain and develop some heritage values as well as honour some values of national history and old literature.
Expenses are extracted from the budget of Arts Performing Department.


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